Travel with us!

We’ve travelled all over, experiencing God…

2016 Israel and Palestine

2014 Israel and Palestine
The Baltic (Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, Finland and Russia)

2012 Israel, Palestine and Jordan

2010 Israel, Palestine and Jordan
Oberammergau Passion Play (Switzerland, Austria, Italy and Germany)

2008 The Fourth Missionary Journey of Paul (Greece, Malta, Sicily, Italy)

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Providence has been the place where we have worshipped, grieved, grown, raised our children, served others - Providence is OUR Community.

Steve- Adult

Providence means friends, family, activities and stories that are fun to tell around the lunch table.

Hartley- Student

We were instantly drawn to Providence by how welcoming everyone was and the sense of community that brought.  I am truly grateful for my family here at Providence and proud to be able to call this church my home.

Jonathan- Young Pro

This is a supportive church, and no matter what changes we've gone through, my devotion will always remain constant.

Dawn- Adult

I love the diversity and quality of music each week in worship at Providence.

Vivian- Adult

It's the wonderful people of Providence that make it so very special!

Patsy- Adult