Letters of Recommendation

“I am very pleased that the Search Committee is recommending Dr. Lee Canipe as the next Pastor of Providence Baptist Church. I have known Lee in several capacities beyond just a professional acquaintance. Lee’s father-in-law, Dr. Bill Leathers, has been a friend for many years. Most of all, Suzanne and I have known Lee as a good friend of our son, Chris. Lee and Chris became friends during their seminary days.In fact, Lee was a groomsman in Chris and Heather’s wedding. So, Lee is no stranger. He has done an exceptional job as Pastor in Murfreesboro and will provide great leadership for Providence. Suzanne and I will be praying for Lee and Hillary, and the entire family as they make their way into life at Providence. Good days are ahead for the Canipe’s and for our church.”

Dr. Al Cadenhead
Pastor Emeritus
Providence Baptist Church


“While I have known Lee Canipe for a long time, it was not until we began to meet when he would come to Davidson College to do sermon research that we became good friends. I came to discover his insight into scripture, his relational skills due to his genuine interest in others, his collaborative style of leadership, his commitment to God’s call to ministry and his keen understanding of congregational life. There is no pretense about him. He is authentic, the real thing.”

Dr. Jack Causey
Ministerial Transitions Facilitator
Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of North Carolina


“I’ve been privileged to know Lee Canipe for over a decade. He has been an outstanding pastor and dedicated member of the CBF family in North Carolina and beyond. When it comes to faithful, effective pastoral leaders, Lee is the total package. A thoughtful scholar, inspiring preacher, caring pastor and engaging leader, Lee will help Providence live into a fruitful future as the church writes the next chapter in its storied history. I am excited for Lee and Providence as you begin your journey together as pastor and people.”

Larry Hovis
Executive Coordinator
Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of North Carolina



“We call it a search. But in truth God has been leading Providence Baptist Church to your next leader, Lee Canipe, who was also following God’s lead towards just this moment. In Christ you found each other! Lee is prepared for PBC; his ministry is full of gifts and grace that will yield fruit for many years ahead. Lee is a deeply spiritual and beloved minister who has thoughtfully spoken the good news of the gospel in word and deed both in his community and beyond to the greater world. PBC, you are beloved church with a beautiful future held tenderly in Gods hand and it Starts Here! CBF and the Baptist family in the US and around the world rejoice with you.”

Suzii Paynter
Executive Coordinator
Cooperative Baptist Fellowship


“Lee Canipe is a bright young pastoral leader! His energy and vision will truly be a blessing. He has been well prepared and trained for leading Providence into an exciting new chapter.”

Dr. Bo Prosser
Coordinator of Organizational Relationships
Cooperative Baptist Fellowship