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The Urban Ministry Center, since canceling the remainder of the Room in the Inn season due to health concerns, has consolidated their greatest needs into one Amazon list: click here. They are also requesting bagged lunches

Bagged Lunches for Urban Ministry Center | Men’s Shelter of Charlotte

  • All bagged lunches should be non-perishable and pre-packaged.
  • Between our two shelters and our day center, we serve over 700 lunches per weekday.
  • No amount is too big or too small – we accept any number of bagged lunches you are able to donate.
  • Lunches will be distributed in a grab-n-go fashion.
  • Lunches can be provided in gallon-sized plastic bags or a lunch-sized paper bag.
  • Bagged lunch donations can be delivered to our Day Services Center from 8 am-1 pm every day. The address is: 945 North College St. Charlotte, NC 28206
  • Each bag should contain the following items:
    •  At least one ready-to-eat protein that is accessible without a can opener (i.e.- tuna, chicken, turkey or meat packets or tabbed cans)
    • 1-2 fresh fruits (i.e.- apples, bananas, oranges)
    • 1 carbohydrate (i.e.- crackers, nut and trail mixes, granola and power bars, chips)o 1 dessert (i.e.- cookies, individual cakes, muffins)
    • 1 bottled water
    • Utensil for eating if required for any food items
    • Napkin/paper towel if possible

Families Forward

Below are all of the ways you can get a gift card to FFC so we can get them directly to a family in need!

1) Send a Walmart gift card via EMAIL.

Click HERE to purchase online gift card.

2) Purchase Food Lion, Aldi’s, or a Walmart card and mail it to:

Families Forward
PO Box 470436
Charlotte NC 28247

3) Order and ship a visa gift card from our Amazon wishlist:


Thank you for helping our neighbors in their time of need!
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