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Start Here to find information about upcoming Student activities and events.  This page will have the most current information and is a good place to find out how to plug into the Student Ministry at Providence Baptist Church.


Contact George Mulley at 704.293.3141 or EMAIL if you have any questions.  Follow the Student Ministry    Twitter Logo   Facebook logo

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Upcoming Events and Activities

Senior Scholarships

There are two scholarship available to graduating seniors that are planning on attending college next year.

  • The Elle-J Scholarship Fund is in honor of Ellis and Jaclyn Winborne honoring a PBC graduating senior in his/her pursuits of higher education.  PBC youth workers, church member, or youth group students will nominate a senior PBC student who shows compassion, acceptance, tolerance, steps outside their comfort zone, and sees all people solely for what is on the inside.  Those that make nominations are required to complete a NOMINATION FORM with examples of how the nominee demonstrates the characteristics.
  • The Clark Family Scholarship has been established in order to provide a one year scholarship to one graduating senior from Providence Baptist Church.  While academics are a part of the selection process, this scholarship focuses on many areas of your personal growth, academically, spiritually and personally.  The senior will need to fill out THE APPLICATION and submit it to be considered for the scholarship.

Nominations and applications are due to Catherine Trahan by May 28th.  You can leave them in the Student Committee mailbox or email them to her.  If you have any questions or need help with the forms, contact George.


When: Wednesday, May 24th from 6:00pm – 7:00pm
Who: Middle & High School Students


Join us for the last Fusion of the school year this Wednesday from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m..  We will celebrate a great year together with games and treats. We hope to see you all there for one last hoorah before summer!  Bring a friend!

Special thanks to George Mulley, Steven Allison, Lisa Daniels, Hannah Dotson, Leigh Frame, William Hastings, Amy Shoemaker, Catherine Trahan, Craig Wanek, and Sheila Winborne who have all pitched in to help out with Fusion this year.  We could not have done it this year without all the support!  Thank you! Sarah

Autobell Fundraising Opportunity

Who: High and Middle School Students
When: April 19 – May 17  NOW May 31

We have extended the fundraiser and ordered more gift cards.  If you haven’t gotten any or would like to sell more, see George or Kelly.

The Autobell Fundraiser is a chance for you to earn money to help pay for your summer mission trip.  Starting this Wednesday, you can pick up Autobell Gift Cards worth $20 to sell.  This makes it an easy sell to potential customers because each card is worth $20 for them to use at any Autobell Car Wash on any service.  For each gift card that you sell, you earn $10 off your mission trip cost.  We will be signing people up before Fusion this week or you can email George Mulley or Kelly Perrone to make arrangements or to get more information.

Student Choir – Session 3

Who: High and Middle School Students

No practice this week. Go to the MUSIC-NOTES page for all the details about singing in Worship for Baccalaureate Sunday.

Middle School Mission Trip

Where: Nashville, TN
When: June 11th – 16th

Summer is right around the corner and it’s time to sign up for the mission trip.  We are headed to Nashville, TN to partner with CSM for some hands-on mission work.  We will leave early Sunday morning and return the evening of June 16th.  Detailed instructions and schedule are coming soon.  There will be a mandatory parent, student, and chaperone Trip Meeting on Wednesday, June 7th at 6:30pm. Make plans to attend.

The cost of the mission trip is $1,000, with a $200 deposit due May 21st.  Once you have signed up, you will receive an invoice that will show  your cost  after taking into account any credits for MissionDays or AutoBell sales.  If you have any questions about your MissionDays hours  ($500 credit), or how many AutoBell coupons you have sold, please contact George Mulley at email or  704.366.4030×116. You can also contact him if you have questions regarding alternate financial arrangements for the trip.

M.S. Mission Trip Chaperone

We need chaperones to make the mission trip a safe and successful experience.  Please contact George at email or 704.366.8453×116 if you have interest in going on the trip.  Space is limited and we need to have a balance between male and female chaperones, so spots are not guaranteed.

Graduate Baccalaureate Service

Who: High School and College Graduates
When: June 4th – 10:30am Service

We will be honoring our graduating Seniors during the service.  Make sure you plan to be there to show your support and to congratulate their success.

I long for you to enter this WIDE OPEN, spacious life …

2 Corinthians 6: 11-13

Weekly Events

On Sundays
Sunday School

Every Sunday at 9:45am

Grab your donut, then head to class for some fun, fellowship and study!
6th Grade – Room 2335
7th & 8th Grade – Room 2333
9th & 10th Grade – Room 2323
11th Grade – Room 2329
12th Grade – Room 2317

On Wednesdays
High & Middle School Fusion

Every Wednesday, 6:00pm – 7:00pm

This is a fun and interactive look at the bible for High & Middle School Students.  We will gather together to start Fusion in the Chapmen Youth Room and then will break into small groups to discuss.  The focus for Fusion this spring will be:

FAMOUS: How to Leave a Legacy that Matters

In 1968, artist Andy Warhol wrote, “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.” With the explosion of the Internet and social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook (Live!), his prediction seems to becoming a reality.  Do we seek to be famous?  If so, what do we want to be known for?  What will be our personal legacy?  How do we know what God would have us do?

In 2017, Fusion will focus on twelve “random” men and women from the Bible that left a legacy that has lasted over 2000 years.  By learning more about these individuals, we hope to understand more about how God has given us special talents and gifts that we, too, can use to create a lasting legacy in God’s kingdom.  We also will be learning about spiritual disciplines and how they apply to our lives. Here are some of the upcoming topics!

Looking Ahead

Here are some of the events and activities that we have planned for this school year.  As we get closer to the events, they will move up to the Upcoming Events and Activities section and have all the details about how to get involved.

Mission Days

Mission Days is a way for students to get involved in mission work locally to earn credit towards their 2017 summer mission trip.  They will be volunteering with local agencies on projects within our community, or helping out with PBC mission activities.  Each activity will be initiated and led by one of (or a small group of) our high school students. The students will serve as the main point of contact for the project and will work with the Student Ministry Office to facilitate each event.  Students, if you have an idea for a mission project that you would like to suggest and lead, please reach out to GEORGE or SHEILA to discuss.

In order to receive any PBC funding for mission trips, students must complete at least 3 of the 7 Mission Days activities from now until May 2017.  Once they have completed at least 3 of the 4 hour Mission Days, they will receive a $500 credit towards their 2017 Mission Trip cost.  Here are the MissionDays scheduled this Spring:

April 29th – Annual Spring Refugee Store
May 20th – Ronald McDonald House

High School Beach Retreat

April 21st – 23rd, 2017 (Dates changed due to AP Exams)

The High School Students  will be traveling to Ocean Isle Beach for a weekend of reflection, rest and retreat.  We have rented two ocean front beach houses for the weekend, written some great small group material and are brining along a chef and a musician or two.  We will have a mix of group worship, small group dialogue and fun beach time!  All the details will be revealed under Upcoming Events and Activities when we get closer to the trip.

Middle School Madness

Middle School students plan on joining us for a variety activities and events following the 11:00am service on Sundays.  This is a chance to for you to get together with your fellow students and get out and have a little fun.  We will spending Sunday afternoons throughout the year doing everything from having games of dodgeball in the gym to catching a Checkers game to laser tag.  Here are the plans for this Spring:

February 12th – Bowling
March 26th – Charlotte Checkers game
April 23rd – Charlotte Knights game
May – To be determined

High School Hoorah

We are starting a new activity for High School students which gives them a chance to come together and have fun.  Much like the Middle School Madness you took part in, the events will follow the late service through out the Spring.  Here are the events we have scheduled:

March 26th – Charlotte Checkers game
May 20th – Escape Room

Middle School Mission Trip

JUNE 11 – 16, 2017
Our Middle School Mission trip will be to Nashville, TN.  We have partnered with CSM before in this city and look forward to going back.  Check out the video to get an overview of CSM in Nashville.

High School Mission Trip

July 16 – 22, 2017
Our High School Mission Trip will be to Smyrna, TN.  The High School Mission trips are powerful, hands-on experiences for our students designed to give real-world insight while helping local communities.  We will be partnering with COMMUNITY SERVANTS renovating low income housing for Burmese refugees.

Upcoming Events

I joined PBC with my husband in 1983. I was very impressed with the Sanctuary Choir and how they performed. I immediately joined and am still a member.

Sarah- Adult

If you are someone looking for a place to be nothing but yourself and a group who accepts you exactly as you are--- maybe you too will find a home in the Young Pro ministry at PBC.

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Providence is a place where my family's spirits soar, our minds are engaged, and our hearts sing.

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Providence is a place where they care about everyone and we get to learn about God and Jesus...

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Providence has been a place of great joy, and a refuge from the storms of life.

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