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Contact Dane Jackson at 704.366.4030 ext. 118 or EMAIL or George Mulley at ext. 116 or EMAIL if you have any questions.
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Upcoming Events and Activities

Sunday School Teachers Needed

Promotion Sunday is fast approaching and it’s time to start planning for the new school year.  We are in desperate need of teachers for both High and Middle School students during Sunday School.  We do not need you to teach every Sunday!  We create teams for each grade that rotate the teaching responsibility each week.  We also provide the material for you to teach from so you don’t have to create lessons from scratch.  Please prayerfully consider stepping up and have a big impact on our students.

Contact George through EMAIL or at (704) 293-3141 to sign up or to discuss.

When: August 30th @ 6:00PM
Where: Aubrey Arant Fields

Students, come join us for a FUN AWESOME RIDICULOUS KRAZY LUDICROUS night of EVENTS.  It is the same messy way to kick of the school year but with a new twist.  Make sure you bring clothes that you may never want to wear again and be ready to welcome Dane to Providence.

Bring a friend!

I long for you to enter this WIDE OPEN, spacious life …

2 Corinthians 6: 11-13

Weekly Events

On Sundays
Sunday School

Every Sunday at 9:15am during the Summer

Grab your donut, then head to class for some fun, fellowship and study!  We will be combing the Middle School Students and the High School School Students into two class for the summer.

6th, 7th & 8th Grade – Room 2333
9th, 10th, 11th, & 12th Grade – Room 2329

On Wednesdays
High & Middle School Fusion

Every Wednesday, 6:00pm – 7:00pm – Will resume in the fall

This is a fun and interactive look at the bible for High & Middle School Students.  We will gather together to start Fusion in the Chapmen Youth Room and then will break into small groups to discuss.

Looking Ahead

Here are some of the events and activities that we have planned for this school year.  As we get closer to the events, they will move up to the Upcoming Events and Activities section and have all the details about how to get involved.

Middle School Fall Retreat

When: September 8 – 10, 2017
Where: Awanita Valley Camp

Middle School students plan on joining us for a Fall Retreat to Awanita for a weekend of bible study, group worship, music and fun.

High School Fall Retreat

When: September 22 – 24, 2017
Where: Camp Bob

High School students plan on joining us for a Fall Retreat to Camp Bob for a weekend of bible study, group worship, music and fun.

Middle School Madness

Middle School students plan on joining us for a variety activities and events following the 11:00am service on Sundays.  This is a chance to for you to get together with your fellow students and get out and have a little fun.  We will spending Sunday afternoons throughout the year doing everything from having games of dodgeball in the gym to catching a Checkers game to laser tag.  New events will be coming in the fall.

High School Hoorah

An activity for High School students which gives them a chance to come together and have fun.  Much like the Middle School Madness you took part in, the events will follow the late service through out the year.  We look forward to new events in the fall.


MissionDays is a way for students to get involved in mission work locally to earn credit towards their summer mission trip.  They will be volunteering with local agencies on projects within our community, or helping out with PBC mission activities.  Each activity will be initiated and led by one of (or a small group of) our high school students. The students will serve as the main point of contact for the project and will work with the Student Ministry Office to facilitate each event.  A new season of MissionDays will start in the fall.

High School Beach Retreat

The High School Students  travel to the beach every spring for a mix of group worship, small group dialogue and fun beach time!

Middle School Mission Trip

A yearly summer tradition in early June where our Middle School students learn more about the needs of a community and find ways that they can make a difference.

High School Mission Trip

The High School students head out every July to take on big construction projects to help a community in need.  It is a great chance for our students to make an impact and strengthen their connections to each other and Jesus.

Upcoming Events

I joined PBC with my husband in 1983. I was very impressed with the Sanctuary Choir and how they performed. I immediately joined and am still a member.

Sarah- Adult

If you are someone looking for a place to be nothing but yourself and a group who accepts you exactly as you are--- maybe you too will find a home in the Young Pro ministry at PBC.

Natalie- Young Pro

Providence is a place where my family's spirits soar, our minds are engaged, and our hearts sing.

Heather- Adult

Providence is a place where they care about everyone and we get to learn about God and Jesus...

Courtney- Child

Providence has been a place of great joy, and a refuge from the storms of life.

Bunnie- Adult