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SNL This Sunday!

We continue our New Eyes series this week after enjoying pizza for dinner.  Join us at 5:00pm for dinner and then we move into worship, music, games, and small groups.

New Eyes

For teens who have grown up around church, there are those Bible passages that they’ve heard a hundred times. They heard them as kids, they heard them in youth group and they heard them in sermons. It’s become so tempting for them to just skip over them because they “know” what they say. But here’s the thing: what if we don’t? The challenge that the Bible brings is that the most recent letters were written down almost 2,000 years ago and the Bible that you hold has been translated a few times over. Reading the Bible isn’t so simple because just taking the English words at face value may miss things going on in the original language or context. The fact is, there are some amazing and insightful things going on in the text if we just learn to dig a little and see things with new eyes.

In this series, we’ll explore four passages where you may be tempted to say, “Been there, done that,” and we’ll ask some questions and dig a little to see if there are some things we may have missed beneath the surface.

SNL Dinner Volunteers Needed


We need volunteers to help prepare and serve dinner to the students at the start of each Sunday Night Live.  It is a great opportunity to serve and get to know the students.

Thank you to all the volunteers who have signed up already to help with dinner this season!  We still have a few slots available if you want to help.

d365 provides inspirational and relevant reflections on scripture for young people. The devotional experience is written especially for students and seeks to provide reflections on themes that impact our faith journey. The hope is that d365 will create a quiet space in your life for meditation and prayer. A new devotion is available every day online or through mobile devices.

Weekly Events

On Sundays

Sunday School
Every Sunday at 9:00am.
Students are figuring out who they are as they search for whose they are. Sunday morning provides opportunities for students to explore their personal and communal identity in Jesus Christ through meaningful community-building experiences, engaging Bible study, and relevant learning activities. Biblical stories will come alive in new and creative ways. In response to God’s amazing, unconditional love, students will be challenged to put their faith into action as they grow to understand themselves as Christ’s disciples. Our curriculum is based off the Revised Common Lectionary so will align with the worship and preaching texts each week.
Classes and Teachers

6th Grade – Room 2335
Teachers – Dana & Heather Hanson
7th Grade – Room 2333
Teachers – Jessica Aycock, Tanya Price, and Kristy Thomas
8th Grade – Room 2329
Teachers – Emily Beaver, Mary Bonheimer, and Lia Hinson
9th Grade – Room 2323
Teachers – Kim & Garo Aghjayan, Lisa & Mark Daniels, and LeAnn & Chris Squier
10th Grade – Room 2308
Teachers – Frankie Ayscue, Betty Robinson, and Frank Skinner
11th Grade – Room 2319
Teachers – Will Johns, Susan Jones, and Kim Skinner
12th Grade – Room 2317
Teachers – Karen Dukes, Eric Gill, and Mike Motsinger

This Weeks Lesson

March 1, 2020 – In the Garden of Eden: Genesis 2:15–17; 3:1–7
Students will examine their lives in light of Adam and Eve’s disobedience and consider ways to respond faithfully.

Sunday Night Live

Select Sundays – 5:00pm to 7:00pm in the Chapman Youth Room

Sunday evening student program. The evening incorporates a group meal, games, worship, teaching, special guests, small groups, and prayer. Sunday Night LIVE! happens most Sundays from September to May so students can have a break from the stresses of school and come enjoy time with friends.

On Wednesdays


Every Wednesday – 6:15pm to 7:00pm in the Chapman Youth Room

Midweek gathering fusing our High School and Middle School Students together to catch up, check in, release some energy (and stress,) and hear something encouraging to help them through the week. Opportunities at fusion range from team-building games and activities to leadership development or even missions and outreach projects.

Upcoming Events

I joined Providence with my husband in 1983. I was very impressed with the Sanctuary Choir and how they performed. I immediately joined and am still a member.

Sarah- Adult

If you are someone looking for a place to be nothing but yourself and a group who accepts you exactly as you are--- maybe you too will find a home in the Young Pro ministry at Providence.

Natalie- Young Pro

Providence is a place where my family's spirits soar, our minds are engaged, and our hearts sing.

Heather- Adult

Providence is a place where they care about everyone and we get to learn about God and Jesus...

Courtney- Child

Providence has been a place of great joy, and a refuge from the storms of life.

Bunnie- Adult