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Simply peruse the offerings each month. You’ll find frank discussions of sensitive topics, honest and helpful information, and guidance for raising your students with a solid spiritual foundation in today’s world.

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Parent Resources

New This Month

“Easter Holiday Hints & Helps” is a guide to help parents connect with their teen during the Easter season. It provides ideas for parents to use that focus on building their relationship with their teen and others.

Car Conversations: just in time for Spring Break! The car is a great place for parents to connect with their teen. This resource was created to provide parents with conversation ideas for when they’re driving in the car with their teenager!

Past Favorites

We all know children are spending a great deal of time online, and the majority of that time is spent on YouTube. While full of so many entertaining videos, YouTube is also rife with inappropriate content, as well as harassment and cyber-bullying. The team at Bark created this beautiful guide titled, “The Ultimate Parent Guide to YouTube”.   DOWNLOAD

Fortnite is everywhere and has proven to be more than a game but rather, a cultural phenomenon. Students everywhere are playing it… and so are some parents and youth pastors. A game like Fortnite and others like it can offer exciting risks and even more exciting rewards. The near wins, hidden treasures, and ultimate “jubilation” of the victory contribute to what keeps Fortnite popular. Our friends at Parent Ministry put together a Fortnite guide for parents. They layout lessons students can learn from the popular video game, and how parents can approach the Fortnite obsession.   DOWNLOAD

The Family Actively on Mission (F.A.M.)” – This 3-part study is for parents to study and consider what it means to be a F.A.M…a Family Actively on Mission.  Each stand-alone but connected study will be based around Joshua 24:15.   DOWNLOAD

The car is a great place for parents to connect with their teen. This resource was created to provide parents and teens with games to play while they’re in the car, encouraging intentional engagement and fun!    DOWNLOAD

Prayer is such an important part of our lives as Christians.  It also should be an important part of our families, especially during the pre-teen and teenage years of spiritual development.  Often, however, during these years, parents assume that the work of teaching our children to pray is over. We might feel less comfortable or feel like praying with our children is treating them like they are younger. Here are 20 family prayer practices and experiences that can continue to unite the family and grow our children.     DOWNLOAD

“Salvation” is a resource for you to help as your student starts ask questions about their faith.     DOWNLOAD

“Parental Proverbs” is a great resource for parents looking to share daily words of wisdom with their student.  You can text them, leave a note on their mirror, use them as a dinner time devotion, or whatever works!     DOWNLOAD

Family Relationship Checklist with 20 actions for building strong relationships.     DOWNLOAD

Here are the Top 10 tips that real life parents use to stop cell phone fights before they begin.     DOWNLOAD

Need some great ideas on how to make the most of the moments your family has together?     DOWNLOAD

Here are some conversation starters for the dinner table.     DOWNLOAD

Parent Cue Podcast

Whether you’re dealing with a teething baby or a high schooler who won’t say a single word, you can identify with the challenges of parenthood.  As a parent, you have the tremendous task of instilling your kids with a moral compass to guide them through the rest of their lives.  With such an important responsibility, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed at times.

Parent Cue is a podcast designed to help parents do family better.  By combining influences, parents, and church leaders can understand how to accomplish more for the spiritual well-being of a child than either could individually.

The Parent Cue Podcast is available for download through iTunes and other music services or at PARENT CUE PODCAST.

Center for Parent/Youth Understanding (CPYU)

Articles for Parents


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