Welcome, Dr. Lee Canipe!

Welcome, Dr. Lee Canipe!

The Pastor Search Committee joyfully introduces Dr. Christopher “Lee” Canipe as Providence Baptist’s fifth senior pastor.

Lee is a pastor, author, teacher, husband, father, visionary, and a servant of Christ.  Approved by an overwhelming majority of the Providence congregation, Lee preached his inaugural sermon as pastor Sunday, September 25, 2016.

Lee comes to us from Murfreesboro Baptist Church in Murfreesboro, NC. We invite you to get to know Lee and his family by clicking any of the links below.

Lee’s Acceptance Letter
Spiritual Autobiography
Letter from the Pastor Search Committee
Quotes from the Pastor Search Committee
Letters of Recommendation
Lee’s Resume

Providence welcomes the Canipe Family!
Watt (12),  Helen (14),  Hilary,  Peter (9)  and Lee

``With Us in the Darkness`` - Genesis 32:22-31
by Dr. Lee Canipe