A belly dancer.

A secret service agent.

A new college graduate at age 69.

The state Latin Art Champ 3 years running.

A violinist.

A West African Peace Corps worker.

What’s the common thread? ALL are Providence women. And ALL were on retreat together. During one weekend in April, 24 Providence women met at secluded William Black Lodge in Montreat, NC, near Asheville. Although it was cold outside, the unity, warmth and love that radiated from each heart connected us all in a very profound way. The women are from all walks of life. Some are young mothers craving a break. Some are grandmothers looking to connect with other women. Some are widows needing a friend. Some are women with careers wanting to get away. We talked about simplicity and how elusive it is in our culture and our lives. We shared our struggles, our hurts, our fears. We tried to define our true selves. We tried to uncover who God made us to be instead of who we think we are SUPPOSED to be. We wondered together how we can achieve simplicity in our lives. We created our own unique artwork that spoke to us and our experience on that Montreat mountain. The weekend was time well-spent. We were able to unplug, unwind, and un-busy ourselves. It was a time clearly blessed by God. And we have all been changed because of it. Perhaps you would like to join us next year. Certainly, it’s an experience unlike any other. And maybe, just maybe, you will meet our belly dancer, and our secret service agent, and all the other wonderful, amazing women that make up Providence. So mark the weekend of September 29, 2017 on your calendar – and BE there!

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