Every Saturday night, from December through March, the Nalley Missions Center becomes a respite for the homeless in Charlotte. It is an oasis of sorts for our Neighbors. During the coldest months of the year, the Urban Ministry Center’s Room in the Inn program joins with churches in the area to house and feed our homeless guests. Providence Baptist has been an ardent supporter of Room in the Inn (RITI) since its founding in 1996. Back then, Aubrey Arant and Penny Hewett were Providence Baptist’s first RITI champions and we’ve supported the program for nearly 20 years. Sometimes when a program has been around for a long time, people forget the impact they can have, or the lives they can change. For the past few years, Mark Noonan and Charlie Jones have been co-coordinators of the Providence Room in the Inn. They have seen first-hand the good our congregation has done. They have seen lives changed. Recently, Mark sent a letter to his Sunday School class and reminded them of the good they could do. The Synago Sunday School class served our Room in the Inn Neighbors on December 26th, which was a perfect time to show others the love of Christ. Below are Mark’s encouraging words: “Over the years, I have come to think about the Room in the Inn ministry as two intimately related components. First, we provide a hot meal, a warm and safe place to sleep, and an opportunity to clean up one’s clothes and person. Second, and more importantly, we offer fellowship. We have the chance to connect, to listen, to understand, to share and – perhaps in some small way – to minister to our Neighbors. “There, but for the GRACE of GOD, go I.” Is it important to set up our beds and prepare for our guests? Yes! But of more importance is the opportunity to be human and real with our Neighbors. As hosts, we feed our guests first. If there is some left over and we wish, we eat with them. But, at a minimum, we sit around the table and enjoy fellowship and conversation as any family would – particularly the family of God. Upon the completion of each season the Urban Ministry sends out a recap, which includes statistics about the number of beds provided and meals served. Also included in the recap are one or two letters received by the Urban Ministry from a Neighbor. As you might surmise, these stories are very personal and often depict a specific event during a specific host night that helped to change this person’s life. That is the power of God at work through you – through this ministry. I am so thankful for each of you and what you do throughout the year to help this ministry work. I am particularly thankful for the prayers and support you have given to Charlie and me. My family and I are blessed beyond measure to be a part of a church that loves us, and that we love back.” Mark Noonan Thank you, Providence, for being the hands and feet of Christ to our Charlotte Neighbors. If you have questions about Room in the Inn, contact Mark Noonan at or 704.654.0079 or Charlie Jones at or 704.560.9093.