As cooler temperatures and changing leaves remind us that fall is here, we lament the loss of our regular music programming. The choir suite and children’s music rooms are hauntingly sparse, and yet, there are glimmers of hope. We are finding new ways to make music together; creative spacing with new regulations are allowing small groups to gather for rehearsals and lessons. It’s not the full immersion that we hope for, but it is something—and something is better than nothing.

Our Sanctuary Choir has begun to gather for rehearsals in the Sanctuary. How blessed we are to have such a big and wonderful space to use! But, it’s not easy. Wearing masks and spreading out far beyond the normal hearing range is difficult for singers, and yet, these dedicated musicians and worship leaders continue to press on. I am so very grateful!

October is normally the month in which we are inviting singers to be a part of the Providence Christmas Choir, but this is far from a normal year. Our plans for Advent and beyond lie dormant, awaiting even the smallest change in this public health crisis. Perhaps our waiting now will make the Advent season even more poignant … after all, Hope, Peace, Joy and Love have not gone away— we must simply find new ways of expressing and living them.

One of the ways in which we continue to do this is through our virtual worship. I invite you not only to join your church family each week during this “gathered time,” but I also invite you to participate. Sing the songs. Pray the prayers. Listen. Respond. Our worship may look and feel different, but it is still God who calls us and empowers us for Kingdom work … on earth as it is in heaven! May the peace of Christ be with you.