It’s college basketball season. During this time, I often find myself wondering how great a basketball player I would be if I were six inches taller? Or perhaps how great a doctor I would be if I could manage to see blood without fainting. Or how great a “whatever” I could be if I only had … ? How many times have you thought about all the obstacles in your way of becoming something different than what you are?

Jesus faced this question all the time. Folks came to him with all sorts of problems. Their problems, though, weren’t about becoming the next great athlete, doctor, or whatever. They wanted to be whole. They all had something that kept them from being complete.

Through his love and compassion, Jesus made them whole. He loved them, all of them, so much so that he radically changed their lives, enabling them to live in a new way.  Jesus’ intense love is not just reserved for the lame, the blind, and the deaf. His love is for you and for me. What is it that is keeping you from being whole and complete? Take it to Jesus. He loves you and wants to take care of you.