When tragedy strikes and you’ve lost a loved one, the last thing you want to think about is how to feed yourself, your family, the host of sympathy givers, and all of the out of town guests who have arrived to support you during your darkest hour. And that is exactly why we have a Bereavement Ministry at Providence! Eleven years ago, the Diaconate approved the new Ministry and appointed Penny Hewett the Coordinator. So, Penny sat down and “wrote the book” (as it were) on how to serve those grieving, and began what would be a ministry that would touch almost every life in the Providence congregation. If you haven’t been supported by the Bereavement Ministry personally, you’ve surely enjoyed some of their delicious food and been comforted by their warm, understanding smiles. The Bereavement Ministry consists of Coordinator Penny Hewett, Team Leaders (Bonnie Adams and Dorothy Welling; Maxine Dunn and Marie Giles; and Anne Tunstall and Nancy Coppage) and Team Members (about 30 members per team). The Team Leaders coordinate their Teams for everything from meals delivered to homes for intimate gatherings, to family luncheons in the Crouch Fellowship Hall or receptions for all those attending a funeral service and visitation. Over the years the process has changed a bit, but when we lose a Providence member, the Bereavement Ministry is ready to serve. And – as is inevitable – these teams have each lost loved ones within their own groups. That is when they feel first-hand the support, love and kindness extended by their Ministry. A mere “thank you” doesn’t seem to express the kind of gratitude we as a church family feel for these friends. But it will have to do. So thank you, Team Leaders and Team Members, for stepping in and serving Providence in such a special way. Your service is a gift of immeasurable proportions.B