Just imagine a warm, wholesome loaf of bread fresh out of the oven. It engages all the senses, and it nourishes the soul. Are you an experienced bread baker? (Or perhaps you have a bread machine at home collecting dust on the bottom shelf of your pantry.) Do you enjoy hands-on ministry projects? Then I say: “Join me!” Bread bakers of Providence, unite!

God can use your baking skills to further the mission of Providence Baptist Church. This spring, you can be a part of a meaningful new ministry that will take common ingredients like flour, oil, salt, sugar, baking soda, and yeast, and turn

them into fresh loaves of Christ’s love. This ministry will highlight all five of the Providence Will initiatives: Cultivate Generosity, Make Disciples, Engage Cotswold, Bless Charlotte, and Send Apostles. Once we coordinate our efforts, we will begin baking fresh bread for our homebound church members, our neighbors here in Cotswold, and those near us who need to be reminded of God’s grace and comfort. Bread will become for us a visual, tangible prayer, a gift of God’s love for others. With fresh baked bread, we will help Providence nourish relationships, invite others to join our church, welcome our new neighbors to Cotswold, and remind our city that we care because God cares. For every one loaf of bread that we bake for a member of Providence, we will also bake a loaf for one of our surrounding neighbors in the community. You’re invited to join with Christ, Himself, who took bread, blessed it, broke it, and shared it with others. To learn more about this new opportunity for direct, community-impacting outreach, email Blake Kendrick today ().