For students you know, the questions driving them today may be about friends, race, money, grades, abuse, justice, sports, future, family, social media, or mental health. Sometimes their questions leak out and are muttered aloud. More commonly, they remain bottled inside a teenager’s curious mind and conflicted soul. We’ll never activate this generation if we don’t understand their most pressing questions. Among the questions tumbling through any teenager’s mind at any time, the following questions often float to the top.

Who am I? – a question of identity, our view of ourselves.

Where do I fit? – a question of belonging, our connection with others.

What difference can I make? – a question of purpose, which is our contribution to the world.

This generation of young people can instantaneously receive dozens of possible answers to just about any question— plus a list of new ones. We need more caring adults who see God’s potential for a young person’s identity, belonging, and purpose when all they see is defeat and dead ends. I invite you to engage in conversations with our church’s young people. You have an opportunity to have better connections with teenagers as they trailblaze toward God’s best answers. And as you do that, I am here to support you and cheer you on!