I love it when I’m driving down the road and see a big, shaggy dog with its head out the window, tongue flapping in the wind. It seems so free to me, so unconcerned and pure. Maybe I love it so much because I used to do it as a kid. I would stick my head out the window as far as my seat belt would let me and squint my eyes as the wind roared past, pretending I was flying like Superman or sprinting like the Flash.

Looking back, what I loved most about it was the pure feeling of being completely enveloped by the world around me. I think God created the world with so much beauty to remind us about Himself. And He gave us the senses to take it all in. We’ll never be able to wrap our minds around His extravagant love, so He gave us mountains and oceans and told us to go swim and jump and climb and, yes, put our heads out the window a couple of times. We’ll never understand how grace holds us, so He gave us the wind and said to let it brush against our faces.

God is everywhere if we have the eyes to see Him. We feel His Spirit when we listen to a symphony and sense His kindness in the eyes of a newborn baby. Whenever the words we use to talk about God start to get jumbled, it’s time to step outside the words and into His world. Let grace blow your hair back like your head is out the window.