When I was a young boy I sang in church, in school, and at home. It was normal and it was a part of life. As a sixth grader in my small hometown church, I joined the adult choir (there was no youth choir option), because singing with others brought great joy, and because the director was relentless with her invites! Within the confines of the choir, I learned music and interpersonal skills, communication and compassion, and I began to understand how we are called to work together as people of God. These things shaped me as a person and as a Christian.

While some may have similar experiences as me (growing up in church and simply continuing the singing journey), many do not. So, back to the question at hand. How do you join the choir? The first (and possibly most important) thing is to express your desire to be a part of something greater than yourself. Notice that the most important thing does not hinge on your individual ability. Choir is about people coming together—there is strength and support in the group. Next, let me or someone in the Music Ministry know you’re interested. It really is that easy. From there, we’ll chat about all the details … no audition necessary, no tests, no pressure.

It takes stepping out in faith and with vulnerability to join any group that is already established. But I will say vehemently—it must be done! With choir or in life, we must challenge ourselves to go further. We must step outside of comfortable norms to meet new people, expand our vision of the world, and ultimately grow as human beings. Yes … it’s that important. As a microcosm of the church (and dare I say, the world), choirs show us what it is like when diverse people and voices come together for a common cause. Taking songs with multiple parts, expressions, and even languages to communicate something to the listener can be difficult … but we need to try.

We need to sing … we need to work together … we need to lean on each other for strength … we need to join our alleluias to those from all places in all times. Yes … it’s that important. Having said that … life is busy! I know very well the balancing act of attending weekly events, rehearsals and practices, and the thought of joining an ongoing group can be daunting. So, rest assured that we’re all real people, and from time to time, we just can’t be everywhere … and that’s ok. For many years, the Providence Music Ministry has invited folks to join us for “Christmas Choir” or for special major works. These are ways in which singers can commit for shorter periods of time while working towards a shared goal. This year, we are offering several of these opportunities, with our first being “In His Own Words,” which will be presented on April 5 (yes, there’s still time to join for this!). As you read through a few of the offerings listed below, I hope you’ll consider joining us for one or all, or join us indefinitely. If you have questions, please let me know—or better yet—come by the choir suite for a visit!

Next month, we begin a new series called, “Spotlight on …”. Our choir is made up of many amazing people, and I want you to hear about them. As you read their stories, I hope you’ll think about how God might be calling you to become involved in the church … be it joining a choir, or something else. No matter what the call, let’s sing our songs, shout our praise, and give God the glory in all things!

Soli Deo Gloria,