Providence Baptist Church Family, I need you.

The past 18 months have been … well … a lot of things. Over that time, George and I, and so many others on the Student Ministry team, have been given space and time to adapt, create, fail, think, reflect, dream, hope, break, build, read, plan, and pray. And from those experiences has come new knowledge, new ideas, and new excitement for what the Student Ministry can be at Providence Baptist Church. And so many of you in the church have approached me with affirmations, questions, and your own unique visions for the Student Ministry of Providence. To that, I say ‘thank you’ and I ask for your help. We all want to encourage our students to become faithful followers and influential leaders for Christ, and we all want a peaceful, loving, encouraging community for them to grow in that faith. I am asking you to be a catalyst for this vision.

Do any of these sound like you?  * I like to have fun.  * I want to help students know they are loved, welcomed, and belong. * I want to worship, grow, serve, and share alongside our students.

There are so many opportunities to say “Yes” to volunteering and helping with Providence Student Ministry this year! The energy level with our students is HIGH and now is the time to join us! There is something for everyone: all ages, passions, skill levels, and schedules, AND it doesn’t matter if you have a current student or not! We can find a match for your commitment level to our needs, as well as create partnerships with other leaders who share in your passions!

Have a specific skill or talent? Want to try something new? We need people like you. Don’t feel equipped?
We will have many training opportunities throughout the year for you to ask questions and hear about expectations, support, and details, as well as meet other leaders. Thinking about it still, but not quite sure? Come out to an event and meet our students and leaders. It is pressure-free and a great way to give us a try. Know someone perfect for a volunteer position? Spread the word! Extend an invitation!

Check out the volunteer roles below that fit your passions: Weekend and Midweek fusion small group leaders, Trip & Event Chaperones, Artists & Decorators, Story Tellers, Builders, Coffee Enthusiasts, & Hospitality Coordinators.    

Have a question or passion for something not listed? Let’s talk about it! I want to say “Yes” to you. Contact me and let’s get you plugged in! It is my goal to work with adults throughout our church family to have a student ministry that is authentic, formative, mission-focused, relational, safe, and sustainable. Won’t you join us??