To have a sense of wonder is to possess a deep curiosity about things, to be able to still be surprised about certain aspects of the world around you. Having a sense of wonder means not being so used to the world around you that you stop thinking about it as a really awesome place.
Do you still notice the amazing sunsets? Are you still blown away by the concept of outer space? Galaxies? The universe? The stars? Do you ever step back and think about how cool it is that we can have complex, meaningful relationships with other human beings? If you have a sense of wonder, these are things you do on a regular basis.
One of the most unfortunate truths about our lives is that we are quick to lose our sense of wonder. This is true about how we interact with everything from nature to technology. This is especially true about matters of faith. Many of us have heard the Christmas story so many times that maybe we have lost our sense of wonder for it.
Let’s change that this Christmas.
Immanuel means “God with us.” That’s what Jesus was: God with us. The Christmas story is arguably the most wonder-inspiring story ever told. It’s the story of God becoming human in the form of a little, defenseless baby. It was an important chapter in the story of God’s desire to rescue and redeem humanity. And yet, sometimes we are guilty of letting Christmas move right past us without stopping to just soak up the WONDER of it all.
This season, may you re-discover the wonder for God. May you nurture it. And may you open your eyes to what God has done, what God is doing, and let Christmas become a launching pad to a deeper relationship with Jesus, our Immanuel.