February is a great time to look ahead in 2019.  Having been blessed by wonderful music and worship during Advent and Christmas, then recovering and continuing the good work in January, we now look forward to some great things on the horizon. Our choirs and ensembles continue to rehearse and prepare music for worship.  I have highlighted two of those choirs below:

Encore Singers:  Each week our Encore Singers meet to sing and fellowship, and once each month, they go out into the community to sing and share God’s love in our community.  What better way is there to show the LOVE in February?  Come join us Thursdays at 9:30am!

Student Choir: We have a great group of students who meet each Sunday to rehearse, practice and fellowship.  Rehearsal is from 4:30pm to 5:30pm each week (unless otherwise noted).  This year, we are excited to host the CBF of NC Youth Choir Festival!  On March 8 – 10, we’ll be opening the doors of Providence to welcome singers from all across the state.  This is a wonderful opportunity, both for our students and our church.  Look for ways in which you can help in the coming days.  And, if you’re a student who hasn’t yet come to choir, come check us out.

What a glorious honor it is to sing and make music before the Lord … and in the company of God’s people! If you’re interested in getting involved with the Music Ministry, give us a call!