Keep doing what’s right …

Throughout this challenging year of 2020, we have been amazingly faithful in supporting our Providence missions and ministries! Despite difficult circumstances, we have done what’s right. Now, it’s time to make our financial covenants to fund God’s work through Providence next year. Looking forward with our eyes on Jesus, let’s join together in 2021 and “Keep Doing What’s Right!”

Members recently received a Financial Covenant for the 2021 Proposed Financial Plan for Missions and Ministry. Please return the covenant by November 8 to the church by:

  • Mailing it to the church office.
  • Dropping it off during our “Drive By Drop Off” event on Sunday, November 1.
  • Or, log in to your account and under GIVING, you may make your Financial Covenant.

If you did not receive your financial covenant, just call the church office at 704.36.4030×141.