Share IN the Journey
Providence is a “missions-minded” church, and summertime is one of our busiest seasons with middle schoolers and high schoolers, young professionals, college students and adults participating in a variety of
mission trips. Whether in our own back yard, or in another city or country, serving others is at the forefront of our financial and ministry planning.  Our Missions Committee donates a significant portion of our resources to putting Providence people to work serving as the hands and feet of Jesus.  Mission trips change lives for those we help and for those we send.

Sharing the Journey
Laura Perrone is a junior at Providence High School and began her “mission” work when she was in middle school.  This is Laura’s story:

There is one week of summer that I look forward to every year, which consists of many bus rides and lots of water.  And smelly clothes.  And dirty shoes.  And delicious food.  And nightly debriefs.  These are just a few of the things I look forward to on mission trips.  One of the best things about these trips is that each one is unique in its own way.

Of all my experiences on mission trips to Atlanta, Philadelphia, Nashville, Jamaica, and Asheville, no two experiences were the same.  From cleaning bathrooms and playing basketball with children in Atlanta, to handing out lunch bags to the homeless in Philadelphia, the people and atmospheres are vastly different.  From slabbing down concrete and brick in Jamaica, to renovating worn-down rooms in Asheville,
the physical labor we do is never the same.  The experiences are never the same.   The people are never the same.  I had the blessed opportunity to meet some unquestionably motivational people through these trips.  The immense amount of gratitude given by those we help is so rewarding!  Exciting people, exciting stories, exciting places.  Giving hearts and receiving hearts.   This is what mission trips
are all about at Providence!

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