Music Ministry Philosophy

“The fathers desired that music should always abide in the Church.  But when natural music is sharpened and polished by art, then one begins to see with amazement the great and perfect wisdom of God in His wonderful work of music where one voice takes a simple part and around it sing three, four or five other voices, leaping, springing round about, marvelously gracing the simple part, like a square dance in heaven with friendly bows, embracing and hearty swinging of the partners.”

Martin Luther

The Music Ministry of Providence Baptist Church is committed to five principal objectives:

To offer music for the glory and blessing of God.

We seek to offer the best music, in the best spirit, to the best of our ability to glorify our God.

To assist the congregation in worship.

Music must always serve the worship, which necessitates a variety of styles so that all may find a means of expressing glory to God.

To aid our community in developing their God-given gifts and in using them to express themselves in the body of Christ.

Music involves the whole being (body, soul, mind, and spirit) and is a pathway to that which lies deepest within us.  We want to help our people develop musical skills so that they may have this form of expression and use it to the glory of God.

To educate children, students, and adults in the music of the church and increase their ability to worship through it.

It has been said that “we all like what we know.  We must teach them to know more so that they will like more.”  Knowledge, appreciation, and understanding opens worlds of worship and celebration possibilities through musical art.

To provide an opportunity for Christian fellowship and prayer support.

The music ministry is a unique place for fellowship, uniting diverse people, interests, and age groups in a common calling.  We are here not just to make music, but also to worship through it and uphold one another in the name of Jesus Christ.

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Providence has been the place where we have worshipped, grieved, grown, raised our children, served others - Providence is OUR Community.

Steve- Adult

Providence means friends, family, activities and stories that are fun to tell around the lunch table.

Hartley- Student

We were instantly drawn to Providence by how welcoming everyone was and the sense of community that brought.  I am truly grateful for my family here at Providence and proud to be able to call this church my home.

Jonathan- Young Pro

This is a supportive church, and no matter what changes we've gone through, my devotion will always remain constant.

Dawn- Adult

I love the diversity and quality of music each week in worship at Providence.

Vivian- Adult

It's the wonderful people of Providence that make it so very special!

Patsy- Adult