New Year’s Journey

When I was a young child, I got in trouble from time to time. Each time, as one of my parents confronted my negative behavior, I would find myself looking at the floor. It’s hard to face moments that are not full of good things.

Every day we find ourselves journeying in a world where more eyes stare downward than look up for hope. All around us are people who only feel the pain of hatred, intolerance, and discouragement. They yearn for light in very dark moments and places.  The starting point for journeying with others toward the light of Jesus is beginning the journey ourselves. In a world of downcast eyes, we must find the strength to lift ours to the  restorative light of Jesus. What things are keeping you from looking up toward Christ? Where does the journey toward his light and presence begin in your life?

   Christ is calling you to journey with him, to share his light with the world. And while no journey is easy, we don’t have to be afraid because we do not take this one alone. Take a deep breath and get ready … your journey awaits. Where will today’s journey lead? Only one way to find out …