“Behold, children are a gift from the Lord.”

Psalm 127:3

For Weekly Children’s Ministry Info:

Special Events

Yearly Events to look forward to:

  • Souper Bowl Party (Each February)
  • Annual Easter Rock Hunt
  • Children’s Sunday (Each April)
  • Annual Ice Cream Social (Each May)
  • Children’s Choirs Spring Concert (Early May)
  • Children’s’ Mission Recognition Program (Mid-May)
  • Children’s Day Camp (June through mid August)
  • Fall Trunk or Treat (Late October)
  • Family Advent Dinner (Early December)
  • Preschool Angel Breakfast (Early December)
  • Children’s Christmas Party (Mid-December)


Mission Friends is a fun, hands-on experience designed to teach our youngest about missions.
We learn about missionaries and other special people who are showing God’s love and spreading the word about Him!

September through May
We meet every Wednesday
6:15pm – 7:00pm
(2’s meets at 5:30 pm)

Sunday School

Every Sunday at 9:00am 

We know it’s sometimes hard to drop off your preschooler. Just know that our goal is to love your child as Christ does! We point our preschoolers to Jesus through Bible lessons and playtime centered on faith.

Where to go? The Nita Moss Children’s Building is the place!


Children need music at an early age, especially music that praises God! Join us as we sing, dance and play! We have fun, age appropriate music activities for children.

September through May
We meet every Wednesday night from 5:30pm – 6:15pm.

Check out the MUSIC page for up-to-date information from the Music Ministry!

Child Protection

Providence is serious about our children’s safety.
Want to know HOW serious? POLICY

Upcoming Events

Providence has been the place where we have worshipped, grieved, grown, raised our children, served others - Providence is OUR Community.

Steve- Adult

Providence means friends, family, activities and stories that are fun to tell around the lunch table.

Hartley- Student

We were instantly drawn to Providence by how welcoming everyone was and the sense of community that brought.  I am truly grateful for my family here at Providence and proud to be able to call this church my home.

Jonathan- Young Pro

This is a supportive church, and no matter what changes we've gone through, my devotion will always remain constant.

Dawn- Adult

I love the diversity and quality of music each week in worship at Providence.

Vivian- Adult

It's the wonderful people of Providence that make it so very special!

Patsy- Adult