We strive to support every child’s social, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual development. We believe children learn through play, so we provide a variety of stimulating options for exploring and learning throughout the day.

Once our children enter the toddler classroom, they choose the centers where they would like to play, including art, sand/water play, science, fine motor manipulatives, dramatic play, library and blocks.

Our teachers interact with the children directly through books, Bible stories, songs, rhymes and sharing time. All of our classes spend time outside (weather permitting) or in the gym each day to engage in play that encourages large motor skill development.

At the age of four, we introduce formal curricula to our children in addition to play. The speed with which the teachers cover material and the depth of content varies by class. All the Preschool and Full Care children who are four and five years old receive a combination of instruction through the following curricula:
  • Creative Curriculum (provides units of study covering all areas, including literature, music, math, science, art, history, etc.)
  • Zoo Phonics (literacy program for pre-reading and reading skills)