Recently, while holding some decorations in the sanctuary, I discovered a small piece of glitter had made its way to my forehead. I caught just a glimpse of it in my reflection, but then it was gone. As I twisted and turned my head, staring intently into the mirror, I searched for this small glimmer of light … where had it gone? But then, like a beacon in the night, it was there again – its small surface reflecting such powerful light! How could something so small and seemingly insignificant shine so brightly … and why was I now covered in the stuff? I think we are a lot like glitter. On our own, we might sometimes shine a little light, but how much more can we shine together – especially knowing that we are actually reflecting the image of God!? As we think about a new year at Providence, may we have hope that we become completely covered in the glitter that is Jesus Christ. May His light allow us to become ornaments and adornments for the church … His church. With the joys of Christmas still ringing in my heart and mind, I simply must offer my gratitude. There are so many people that contributed to the worship, events, and planning during the holidays that if I tried to list them, I would surely leave someone out. So, I blanket all readers with a warm and sincere “Thank You,” as you too – either in small or large part – contributed to our successes and joys this year. I am grateful to serve this wonderful church and have great hope for our future. Soli Deo Gloria, Tim