Our church family goes beyond just “showing up” on Sundays.  

We DO ministry.  We LOVE missions.  We SERVE God.  We SUPPORT our church and its programs.  We get involved!

     The Stewardship Committee at Providence Baptist Church has embarked on a new journey, one that will tell the stories of our congregation through the eyes of those participating in highlighted ministry.  Each month, a new tale will be told about someone making a difference in our church, in our community, in our city, in our world.  In essence, we will be SHARING the journey, so that you can SHARE IN the journey.  Because “Providence Gives,” each one of us has something to offer. 

     And so we begin …  It seems only fitting to start this journey by telling the story of one of our most fulfilling commitments …  Room in the Inn.  Since 1996, hundreds of Providence members have participated in this ministry.   And with the warmer weather of March comes the end of yet another Room in the Inn season.  Now, hear the tale told by the wife of Room in the Inn’s very first Providence supporter …

Many years ago, after attending several meetings with Urban Ministries, my husband Aubrey Arant approached the Providence Missions Committee about being a host site for the Room in the Inn (RITI) program. RITI is designed to provide shelter, Biblical guidance, and encouragement for homeless men in our area. The Missions Committee approved Aubrey’s request and in 1996 Providence began hosting men every Saturday night from December 1st through March 31st. Before Providence built the Nalley Missions Center, we hosted our neighbors in the Activity Center.

Each week, a rotating group of volunteer teams prepare a home-cooked meal, set up the dining room, arrange a safe and comfortable sleeping area and offer friendship and camaraderie to the men visiting with us for the night.

Working with fine church friends over the years has been an incredibly rewarding time of service and fellowship as we make this weekly event happen! Our very dedicated teams enjoy being part of this mission and many members bring their children to help.  The act of hospitality of providing a home cooked meal, a clean bed, and a hot breakfast continues to be an inspiration to all of us!

One of my fondest memories of this program occurred many years ago when one of our guests stopped and asked if he could pray for our church and people before he left.  It is one of the times I remember us all feeling very blessed by this mission!

Over the years, I have been continually reminded that the guests of Room in the Inn have done as much good for us as our Providence volunteers have done for them.

~ Inez Arant