The Kerygma Sunday School class is full of people who live by God’s call to “act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with Thy God” (Micah 6:8).  They walk the walk, quietly and without fanfare. They reach out to one another and to others in need. The members of the class are involved in an amazing number of ministries, both within the church and within the community. These are people who DO.  They are more than classmates; they are family. They’ve walked with each other through illness, the deepest sadnesses and the richest blessings. Kerygma teacher Anita Pangle has created a family.  Thanks to her biblical knowlege and ability to graciously respect all opinions and viewpoints, the Kerygma classes are full of animated discussion and are punctuated with raucous laughter.  Ask anyone who has been on the receiving end of the class’s ministry and you will hear a testimony of the power of their love and support.


Barbara and Lanny Brown feel the phenomenal support the Kerygma class offers.

“The best decision Lanny and I made was to join Providence.  The second best decision was to join the Kerygma Class.  It was a shock when I was recently diagnosed with Leukemia.  The shoulders to lean on, the listening ears, and the hugs are a true sign of love and support from our Sunday School class.”

Bobby Mulder is always shoveling, or pressure washing, or raking somewhere on the Providence campus, usually with other Kerygma guys.

“The Kerygma Class shares its love throughout the church and beyond. Helping out where and when I can, caring about other’s welfare, and participating in fellowship is how I can show the light of love the Kerygma Class shines.”


The members of the Kerygma Sunday School class are faithful in giving their tithes and offerings to Providence.

Their generosity funds many projects and transforms lives in the Cotswold community and beyond.   Their cheerful giving is a testament to the way they live their faith. You, too, can transform lives by giving. Visit