SHARE IN the Journey
Ninety four. Yes, that’s 94. That’s the combined number of years Burt Banks, Greg Simmons, Carl Brooks, and Harold Eddins have been teaching the 4th grade Sunday School class. Many other gifted adults have assisted along the way, but these gentlemen felt the call to share their talents with 4th graders and never looked back. They have transformed lives by helping children memorize all 66 books of the Bible, by orchestrating and directing dozens of Christmas pageants, and by mentoring them simply with their presence.

But for the children, perhaps what they cherish most are the memories.  These fourth graders will tell you about “Snipe Hunting” after dark in the deep woods (yep!), repelling DOWN Crowder’s Mountain and hiking UP Morrow Mountain.  These experiences are seen as rites of passage by our children and their parents and are always incredibly meaningful.  Clearly, this team of teachers has changed lives and built relationships over the past two-plus decades.  Now that’s transformational giving!

SHARING the Journey
Being in Mr. Harold’s Sunday School class is something I will never forget.  He made learning fun.  Mr. Harold was always energetic and willing to help people.  He is able to relate to others.  Going on the trips was amazing and lots
of fun.  The trips taught me to love nature.   I am grateful for Mr. Harold and the memories he created.   

Tata Sing

Cheerful Giving
Transformational giving occurs when the Holy Spirit leads the heart of the giver to do more than he feels is possible. It is everyone’s responsibility to share their God-given resources. Your financial gifts are needed to maintain our facilities, so that Sunday School classes have a place to meet. Your gifts also ensure that we have things like church vans for excursions and money to pay for resources that our volunteer teachers need. Give today to transform lives in our Cotswold community
and beyond.