On the last weekend of January each year, choirs from across the Southeast descend upon Charleston, SC for Festival by the Sea.  This year, members of our Sanctuary Choir participated in this wonderful event, allowing for a time of learning and renewal.  One of the most powerful songs from this year’s festival was “Come Dwell in Solomon’s Walls,” written by Z. Randall Stroope.  As the publisher states it:

Solomon’s temple was arguably the most magnificent structure ever built in the history of human kind.  This anthem invites listeners to come and dwell in a place where wisdom, righteousness, justice, and holiness join at the feet of God.

Indeed, as the music grew and voices joined together, all were invited to “Come dwell!”  And as the beautiful melodies painted glorious pictures of Solomon’s temple, I was reminded that we, too, are temples of God – meant for worship, goodness, and peace.  As we continue to build our temples – growing in the likeness of Christ – may we, like the golden door posts of Solomon’s temple, shine God’s light for all the world to see.