It is truly a joy to sing together!  As we worship, it is my hope that our congregational singing will encourage, inspire and move us closer to God!  John Bell, author of The Singing Thing, elaborates on what we do when we sing together.

“It is not simply to move, to convert, to influence others that we sing in church.  The object or recipient of our singing is not those standing around us, but God, to whom our worship is offered.  And so something extremely rare happens whenever a congregation sings to its Maker.  For not only are there ten or fifty or five hundred individual voices giving their unique gift as they open their mouths and sing; there is also the unique blending of high and low voices, sharp and flat, sophisticated and rough-tongued, male and female, old and young.  The chances are that never again will every one of these people be in exactly the same place singing these particular hymns and songs.  At the next service of worship some will be missing, others will be new and the likelihood is that the liturgy will require a different selection of texts for singing.  So, if we can but sense it, every time a congregation sings, it is offering an absolutely one-time-only gift to its Maker.  It is important that every song sung is offered to God with that sense of uniqueness.  God is worth it.”

Soli Deo Gloria!