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All Grade Parent Resources

These resources have been selected for parents of and families for students of every grade in mind. While each resource might not be useful in your context, we hope you can use these to better invest in your student’s life.

Year Round Resources

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Past Favorites

Questions allow us to tap into that sacred space beneath the surface. True connection begins with active listening. Since we could all use a little conversation make-over, here are four questions that foster authentic connection. These questions can add insight, depth, and beauty to everyday exchanges within our homes and within our families.


As parents, we have a responsibility to provide oversight for our kids regarding who they hang out with and when they hang out. We schedule activities for our kids, but how often do we consider which adults we want our kids to be around? As you think of being intentional about other adults in your kids’ lives, here are four types of adults who can influence your kids in a positive way.



Five tips from lessons learned by parents just like you!


Here are the Top 10 tips that real life parents use to stop cell phone fights before they begin.     DOWNLOAD

Your child is constantly changing. Their favorite shows, activities, foods, sports, friends—it all changes. Even what they dream about, what they want to be, and how they see the world is changing. Get to know who they are now in the phase of life they are in now with these sets of 21 questions for your middle or high schooler. Weʼll help you get the conversation started. Who knows where it will go from there.


The importance and power of one’s words is noticed across all cultures. Coming from one’s parent, spouse, friend, or leader, a positive word provides inspiration. It builds confidence, initiative, and trust. Most importantly, it builds courage. Courage to do what’s right. Courage to try new ideas. Courage to make your family, team, or organization better! Check out this “one sheet” on the power your words have as you relate to others.


The stress of school is a very present reality for teenagers, and this fact was pre-COVID. They face pressures socially, academically, and emotionally. And if your teenager talks more to her/his friend than you, you may feel in the dark at times. If so, we want to give you a chance to connect with your teenager differently. Using Psalm 25 as an outline, here are 7 personalized prayer cards for your student.

How to use it?

1. Choose your design, click on the link, and print/cut.
2. Personalize the card by writing your teenager’s name in the blank.
3. Slip the card into their backpack, tape on their bathroom mirror, or tuck under their pillow.
4. Let them know you will pray this verse over them all week.
5. Print a copy for yourself and pray this same verse over them.


The power of a kind word or deed is amazing, and it feels really great to be the recipient and the giver. This resource, the Kindness Family Challenge—was designed to give your family the opportunity to spread positivity and joy around your community and in your home together in one day (or one morning, one afternoon, one evening) or even all month long!


These Conversation Cards are a fun way for families to reflect, share, and answer faith questions together. Use them at the kitchen table, in the car, or wherever!  DOWNLOAD

Here are some helpful tools and resources to help parents connect with their student during this difficult time.  DOWNLOAD

As a parent or a spouse, we can influence our family to become who God created them to be by watering the seeds God has already planted – blessing who they are, not what they do. This “one pager” is a great way to connect you to your family.

What if I told you that along with questions about life, your kids are asking questions about themselves? Questions are in the heart of every child—questions kids ask that will shape their sense of who they are for the rest of their lives. No pressure, parents, but your responses will radically affect your kid’s identity. Here are the 5 most important questions kids are asking about themselves.   DOWNLOAD

A lot has changed this year. How we do our jobs, how we parent, how we care for each other, and how our kids learn. With the bonus time we’ve spent together as families, you and your family may have found new interests, new hobbies, new skills, or new favorite foods. Families are learning more about each other in a short amount of time, as we navigate all these new things.

This resource is designed for families to get to know one another. With questions and conversation starters, you’re sure to discover what makes each member of your family unique, weird, or cool. Plan some time to make this activity happen, and see what you new things you learn about each other.   DOWNLOAD

Social Distancing Activities for Family Fun
We’ve now been social distancing from one another for approximately 6 months. Many of us have been huddled in our houses as we navigate these unforeseen and uncertain circumstances. That being said, many parents are out of ideas for fun family activities. So, we’re here to help. Take a deep breath, and let’s have some fun in the midst of the chaos. Grab some ideas from the list below and share them with your families!  WEBSITE

Work can be a good thing, and we want kids to see its value. There are age-appropriate tasks that kids of any age can do. Use this list to help you determine who can do what and when, and try out some new chores this summer. DOWNLOAD

You and your family have made it to the end of another school year—and what a school year this one has been! It feels like an achievement for all of you, doesn’t it? It’s a big deal! And it’s definitely something worth celebrating.

In this resource are suggestions for what this celebration could look like. Set a date on the calendar and get ready to celebrate! DOWNLOAD

Helping a child or teen with anxiety is a challenge. Download the age-appropriate resource for your child or teen for tips and practical ways you can help.


Our world is filled with tragic events, and sometimes that tragedy hits close to home. Use these guides to have a conversation with your child or teen and help them navigate tough situations


Let’s face it. Parents connecting with their teens and tweens can be difficult at times. Parents are busy and often overwhelmed. This resource is 25 quick and easy ways parents can connect with their kids in a meaningful way.  DOWNLOAD

The Family Actively on Mission (F.A.M.)” – This 3-part study is for parents to study and consider what it means to be a F.A.M…a Family Actively on Mission.  Each stand-alone but connected study will be based around Joshua 24:15.   DOWNLOAD

This 30-day resource is a simple beginner’s guide so parents can start praying for their families…one day at a time.  DOWNLOAD

Here are some conversation starters for the dinner table.     DOWNLOAD

“Salvation” is a resource for you to help as your student starts ask questions about their faith.     DOWNLOAD

Family Relationship Checklist with 20 actions for building strong relationships.     DOWNLOAD

“Parental Proverbs” is a great resource for parents looking to share daily words of wisdom with their student.  You can text them, leave a note on their mirror, use them as a dinner time devotion, or whatever works!     DOWNLOAD

Need some great ideas on how to make the most of the moments your family has together?     DOWNLOAD

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