Over the last year and a half, the audio and visual needs of most churches—not just in worship, but in almost every area of church life—increased exponentially.  For many of them, especially smaller congregations, there was a very steep learning curve, and they had to do it fast!  From figuring out how to Zoom or livestream, to carefully editing a scripture reading or song, the behind-the-scenes challenges were often unknown … and that’s a good thing!  Let me explain.

The goal of most recording engineers, camera operators, sound technicians, and so forth, is to go unrecognized.  When things go right, the content and artistry come shining through, offering beautiful moments either on the screen or stage.  It’s not easy, but that’s why we keep working to improve.  For the church, that content is the Gospel … and that’s Good News!  I think there is a wonderful parallel for the church and the world in this scenario.  As the Church, we are at work, often in the backgrounds of life, striving to be better, to do better, to understand better.  When we succeed with these little things, hopefully the message and person of Jesus Christ comes shining through for all to see.

Now, let’s revisit that technical learning curve.  Like the churches I referred to earlier, Providence moved very quickly to upgrade systems that would allow us to stay connected, especially as that related to our worship.  Those changes now offer us the opportunity to reach further into the world in the name of Christ … and that’s a great thing!  On any given Sunday, you might now find three to four volunteers and staff working diligently to get things right from the technical support side of worship, and when they do, I hope you forget about them.  That is, I hope their efforts allow you to see Jesus, and to experience the Holy Spirit at work among us.

I invite you to pray for churches who have not been as fortunate as Providencewe are blessed with good equipment and the knowledge it takes to use it.  I invite you to pray for those who are already serving with our Worship  Support Team, and to consider if this might be an area of ministry in which you could serve (see descriptions below).  Finally, I invite you to pray for our church.  May our efforts to share the Good News of Jesus Christ reach far beyond what we can imagine, and in doing so, may God be glorified in all that we do.

    May the peace of Christ be with you.