Hymn writing is a true art form.  Different than poetry, the text must work with the music to tell its story.  For many
of us, we like “our” hymns – those that we grew up singing – those that stir our hearts.  We need to sing those hymns.

We also need to sing new hymns.  After all, the Bible clearly tells us to sing new songs (Psalms, Isaiah, Revelation).  These “new” songs could be seen in a couple of ways.  It could mean that we sing “old” songs with a renewed response to the freshness of God’s grace.  Or, it could actually mean “new” songs.

In either case, we are to sing to the glory of God – finding our voice in God’s story.  As we enter the season of Lent, I want to share a new hymn (at least
it’s new to me) with you.  These words, written by Diane Jordan (mother of David Jordan), call the church to action!

As we travel this Lenten journey towards the cross and resurrection of Jesus Christ, may these words encourage us to work for God’s justice in the world.  May they challenge and renew us to live as the people of God.

May the peace of Christ be with you. Tim

“Hear Again the Cry for Justice”
Words by Diane Jordan

Hear again the cry for justice,
hear again the prophet’s call,
“Like the mighty, flowing waters,
let the streams of goodness fall.”
May the words that God has given
pierce our selfish apathy
‘til, with joy, we turn to live them,
‘til we heed the prophet’s plea.

In a world of sin and anger,
in a world where cynics scorn,
Millions weep in helpless hunger,
refugees and orphans mourn.
Rise, O Church, to meet the challenge,
lift the fallen, help the weak,
Change the laws that breed corruption,
speak for those who cannot speak.

While we play in mindless leisure,
feasting much and wasting more,
Others die, diseased and fearful,
plagued by famine, greed, and war.
Yet God’s call to right and justice
echoes still, across the years,
Turn from sin to joyful service,
wipe away your neighbor’s tears.

Hear again the words of Scripture,
linger long at Jesus’ feet.
Let the message grow within us
‘til our prayers and actions meet.
May we listen, may we worship,
then obey the Spirit’s prod,
Doing justly, loving mercy,
walking humbly with our God.