What is something extraordinary that you take for granted? How about your phone?  We rarely think about how incredible the technology is we have in our hands. Just a few years before I was born, the kind of technology we walk around with every day would have been unthinkable.

What about the human body? You don’t think about it, but consider how incredibly complicated a simple act, such as reaching for the remote control, is. You somehow decide to reach for it, and your brain fires all these signals to your nerves, which move your muscles to reach out and grasp something a few feet away from you. It’s stunning how miraculous this simple action is.

Why don’t we think about how cool these seemingly random things are? Because they are so routine. We do them so often we don’t think about them. We lose the wonder because of how seemingly normal it is. The same is true when it comes to how we think about Christmas. And we HAVE to change this.

Christmas can be a time when we get so wrapped up in the commercial (and chaotic) aspects of the season that we lose sight of the spiritual aspect. We are so familiar with the story that we can forget how amazing it is. God, the eternal, unchanging God who spoke the universe into being, came to earth in the form of a fragile, human baby. And God did this to save us from the penalty of our sins so that we could be in relationship with Him. THAT is the most amazing story ever told. And we need to do whatever
we can to keep from losing our awe of this story.

I hope that in this season of Advent leading up to Christmas that you can try to do just that. Spend a few moments each day reading the various accounts of the Christmas story. Find a daily devotional that you can follow (I LOVE “Following the Star” at d365.org). Start right now—by preparing your heart and mind to celebrate the most wonderful story ever told.