For some of our students, the end of the fall semester can be a dark time. Cramming for finals, hustling to finish term papers and projects, juggling all the performances, playoffs, and events. It seems to drag on forever. Christmas break is right around the corner, but waiting is just not fun.

Humankind also had a dark time of waiting, but ours was at least 4,000 years. Think about it: Adam and Eve had it all in the Garden of Eden. Life was literally perfect. But then they sinned and lost it, and for 4,000 long years the world endured the pain and darkness of a life with sin. But God chose a group of people, the Israelites, and promised to give them a Savior a Messiahto deliver them from darkness and bring the freedom and hope they longed for.

In their waiting, God gave them several prophecies about the coming Messiah. He would be a King, someone who could give them rest for their souls and peace with their  enemies. He would solve everything. Looking back, we now know that the prophecies clearly pointed to Jesus.

Christ came to give us hope, so now we wait expectantly for him to move among us.