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Lay Leadership

Providence is a Baptist congregation, which means that the members of the church serve as ministry leaders in the church. Lay leadership is shared by our Diaconate, the Coordinating Council, committees, and teams.

  • The deacons are “spiritual leaders and servants” of the church. The Diaconate conducts much of its work through deacon teams, including teams that support members who have recently lost a spouse, help integrate new members into the life of the church, welcome guests, and visit homebound members.
  • The Coordinating Council is to “serve as a forum for the discussion of matters of importance to the Church,” including priorities for ministry It also serves as the forum for the coordination of the various ministries, missions, and programs of the church. It is chair by the Moderator.
  • Committees are chartered and their members are appointed by the members of the church. Committees have responsibility for important aspects of the church. 

Those currently serving as part of our Deacons and leadership Committees are listed below.


If you are interested in joining our team, click here to view current employment opportunities at Providence Baptist Church.