Rehearse Wednesdays
5:30pm – 6:15pm

September – May
We use scripturally-based music, learning more about the love of God through music. Most of these choirs lead in worship several times a year for Hanging of the Green, Palm Sunday and Children’s Day.

Upcoming Schedule

In an effort to keep our church family healthy and safe, we are suspending our Sunday worship services until further notice. In addition, all of our church activities have been suspended as well. Therefore, we will NOT be meeting for rehearsal.

Be on the lookout for ongoing communications from our ministry team. Should you have an immediate need, contact 704.366.4030×147 to talk to our deacon or minister on call. In addition, we’re working on creative ways of staying in touch from a distance. This is an unexpected opportunity for us all to serve as the presence of Christ and to be a blessing to our neighbors and to our community.

When it is safe to do so again, we will reconnect with one another in person here at Providence and resume our regular ministry schedule. Between now and then, let’s do our best to keep in touch—beginning with Sunday morning worship online.

May the peace of Christ be with you!
Music Experience for Three’s
Our youngest children are introduced to singing as a group, movement activities, rhythm instruments, and games. The children enjoy singing for their parents during our annual Angel Breakfast and Children’s Day.
Cherub Choir
Our 4-year-olds continue to learn basic music concepts like steady beat, high-low, fast-slow, etc.
Music Makers
Our kindergarteners begin to develop their musical skills through rhythm and melody.
Trinity Singers
Our first and second graders are getting into more serious study of music and are being prepared to lead worship. With a combination of small group activities to re-enforce skills and singing in the large group, they are advancing in their musicality.
Young Musicians
Our third, fourth and fifth graders are worship leaders. These children sing advanced anthems as they lead in worship. Our goal is to have these students ready to follow a musical score by the time they reach Middle School Choir. We also attend the “Raise a Song” children’s choir festival in the spring at Camp Caraway.
Children’s Handbells
Our fourth and fifth graders are invited to play in our handbell choir.