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Missions at Providence

Missions Cafe

We believe that caring for our neighbors is an everyday commitment. One way Providence lives this out is through Missions Cafe. At Missions Cafe, we engage in missions through hands-on community service projects. 

Through Missions Cafe, we Engage Cotswold and Bless Charlotte. Learn more about these initiatives in our Providence Will.

The Providence Gardens

The Providence Garden is located behind the Children's Building. It provides many pounds of fresh produce that is donated to our Mission Partners, The BULB. Through the BULB, this produce is taken to farmers markets in food insecure neighborhoods throughout the great Charlotte Metro. God has blessed us with a bountiful harvest to make a direct impact within our community.

The Gardens require hard work and commitment, provided by a Team consisting of David and Betts Pyatt, Leslie Jones, Sam Bomar, and Bob Zweier. Though it is difficult work, the team shares that it is fun and extremely rewarding!

One of the most fun days the Team has shared together is when the children and volunteers from Rama Road Tutoring joined in planting four rows of pole beans. Watching them meticulously spread fertilizer and then drop the bean seeds precisely was so much fun for their tutors and themselves. It was even more enjoyable for Providence Gardens Team, especially as we saw the bean vines gradually creep up the trellis, bloom and then see beans popping out.

To learn more about the gardens, or to volunteer, contact a member of the Providence Garden Team.


Rise Against Hunger

Every November, Providence comes together to package 15,000 meals to help fight food insecurity around the world. This missions event takes place at 6:00pm during Midweek at Providence in the Activity Center.

We invite you to bring a friend or family member and join us this year as we Rise Against Hunger!

Learn more about our Missions Partner, Rise Against Hunger.