We would love to have your child in our Providence Baptist Child Development Center! We enroll children who are eight weeks through five years old (until the children go to kindergarten). Our preschool program runs from September through May from 9:00am – 1:00pm each day. We close for two weeks in December and a week in the spring. You can select a first and second choice of days of the week for your child to attend. When you register, we will let you know which days your child will attend. In early August, you will receive a letter with information such as the teachers’ names, classroom location and visit day information. If we do not have space in a certain class, we will add you to our wait list at no cost and contact you when a spot opens.

Class Placement & Descriptions

We use August 31 as our birthday guideline for each preschool classroom. For instance, for your child to be placed in the two year old classroom, he or she must turn two by August 31.

Tuition Auto Pay (TAP) please mail or drop by office once space is confirmed.


Toddler Class
Incorporates more structure. There is a daily classroom routine of play, outside time, songs, art, stories and lunch. In addition to turning one by August 31st, children in this class must be off the bottle and not require a morning nap. The student to teacher ratio is 5:1.
Two Year Old Class
Continues to focus on the whole child with a daily routine. Increasing independence, more communication with teachers and peers and potty training are important skills at this age level. The student to teacher ratio is 8:1.
Three Year Old Class
Children need to be potty trained before attending. Children at this age are big talkers and have a longer attention span, therefore activities can be more complex! The student to teacher ratio is 9:1.
Four Year Old Class
Continues to be play-based but also incorporates crucial academic skills through the Zoo Phonics and Creative curricula. Our children also participate in a comprehensive fine motor skills program called Move N’ Write. The children in our program are prepared to move on to Kindergarten or Transitional Kindergarten. The student to teacher ratio is 12:1.
Transitional Kindergarten
Is for children who have completed the four year old program and miss the cut-off date for Kindergarten or for children who might need an extra year before beginning elementary school. It expands and extends from the four year old curricula to challenge children in all areas of development. The student to teacher ratio from 9:00am to 1:00pm is 12:1.
Extended Care
We will offer extended care from 8:00am-9:00am and 1:00pm – 3:00pm for all ages. Pricing options for five days are listed with our tuition rates. If you would like to schedule regular care for one to five days a week, please check in the Weekday Office for alternate pricing and availability. We will also offer drop-in care on a first-come, first-serve basis for $10.25 an hour. During extended care, the children will have quiet time on their mats. Children may go to sleep, read, or play with quiet toys.

Preschool Registration

Fall Registration opens in the beginning of March for current Providence Baptist Church families and church members, and the end of March for the community. Please check back during these dates for Registration.

Summer Session Registration

Summer Session Registration opens in the beginning of February for current Providence Baptist Church families and church members, and the end of February for the community. Please check back during these dates for Registration.

Rolling Admissions

We encourage all potential parents to make an appointment to tour our facility and review an information packet with our administrative team. Based on availability, we enroll children with a preference given to Providence Baptist Church members, and then to siblings of currently enrolled students. If we are full in your child’s age group, you will be placed on our waiting list. We will enroll children throughout the year “rolling admissions” as we have openings.

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