Jesus loves children and so do we. Our weekly programming invites children to explore their faith in exciting ways.


Faith Formation at 9:15am
Join us on Sunday mornings as we learn how the story of God is our story too. Children are invited to hear, to learn, and to live out of relationship with Jesus. Our teachers seek to honor our children and all our different learning styles through creative, interactive, and engaging teaching methods.

  • Faith Formation classes available for children ages babies-5th grade.
  • Preschool Ministry classes are divided into age-based classes.
  • Children’s Ministry meets in graded classes.

Extended Session during Worship
Worship Care is provided for babies-preschoolers during the Worship hour.



Childcare is offered weekly for babies-2's.

Midweek for Preschool
Wednesdays at 6:30pm

Preschoolers at Providence will learn, experience, and play in the love of God as they "travel the world" and meet CBF Field Personnel who are sharing God's love.

We believe preschoolers are filled with caring hearts and helping hands and that they are big enough to help. Preschoolers will have several opportunities to practice what they are learning by helping their neighbors, family, community, and church in age appropriate ways.

Midweek for Elementary

Wednesdays at 6:30pm

Elementary children will explore faith in Jesus and discover their place in the Kingdom of God. We will rotate through different units each fall and spring semester, creating a holistic and creative approach to Children's Ministry. Each rotation will utilize a variety of learning styles and hands-on experiences, thus creating an accessible and inclusive faith-filled space for all children.

    • Preschool - 1st Grade will continue with Missions Rotations.

    • 2nd - 5th grade children will begin a Worship Rotation. Mixed in with learning more about what worship is and why we do the things that we do, children will be preparing to lead Providence in worship on Children's Sunday - February 4th. Liturgy means "the work of the people" and our liturgy for Children's Sunday will be the work of the children. They'll craft prayers and create meaningful art that will be woven into the fabric of our worship together! Make plans for your child to attend these Wednesdays. Our practice for Children's Sunday will also happen during these weeks!

Music Wednesdays 5:45pm

Preschool-5th grade children will meet to make a joyful noise in age/grade choirs and bells classes. Choirs will share in worship through song several times during the year.