Stephen Ministers

Stephen Ministry is a distinctively Christian program of training and organizing laypersons for providing one-on-one Christ-centered care to those experiencing difficult life challenges in our congregation and community. Stephen Ministry works with persons dealing with loneliness, terminal illness, spiritual crisis, aging, separation or divorce, loss of a loved one and other life transitions.

A Stephen Minister is not a therapist, but someone who listens, discusses spiritual matters, and prayers with their care receiver. This care is confidential.

Become a Stephen Minister

Each year, new Stephen Ministry candidates are identified, provided with 50 hours of training and commissioned for service. 

Are you interested in participating in this ministry as a caregiver?

Need a Stephen Minister?

Persons in crisis or in difficult life situations can ask for a Stephen Minister, who will provide supportive and confidential Christian care.

Do you know someone who could benefit from this ministry? Are you interested in participating as a care receiver?


If you would like to discuss Stephen Ministry as someone who needs care or to become a Stephen Minister, we are here to help. Contact us today!