Student Behavioral Contract

  • Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity.
    1Timothy 4:12


    Providence Baptist Church is a diverse Body of Christ with a variety of different perspectives. The goal of these guidelines is meant to set a higher standard than the world around us concerning involvement with the Student Program. It is the intention of the Providence Baptist Church Student Ministry, leaders, volunteers and students to agree to and abide by these guidelines when participating in student activities.

    Chaperone Support:

    Chaperone orientation is very important. Helping them understand that they are empowered to correct and redirect students is critical, along with their understanding that they have certain duties to be very involved in every aspect of the trip, including building relationships with the students and leading through example.

    Safety and Security:

    Failure to follows these guidelines will result in consequences. Our primary goal is to provide an experience with Christ while maintaining the safety and security of all involved. Further, we want to grow relationships and maintain accountability while striving to keep all the students connected and “in the fold”. Consequences and their enforcement are up to the Student Leadership present and their interpretation of the current situation in accordance with this document, chaperones and Providence staff.

    1.    The higher standard expected for Providence students is that we value honesty, integrity and respect for all people (students and leaders) at all times. The use of appropriate communications and gestures is expected at all times.

    2.    Harassing Behavior of any individual will not be tolerated. Respect of the total person: physical, emotional, mental and sexual is key.

    3.    Use of tobacco, alcohol, illegal drugs or possession of paraphernalia is prohibited. All prescribed medication that a student is taking must be listed on the General or Overnight Permission Forms. It is up to the parent to disclose the correct and updated information.

    4.    No possession of any type of weapon (guns, knives, explosives, fireworks, etc) is allowed.

    5.    Students and leaders are expected to respect their body as well as the bodies of their peers'.

    6.    Clothing of appropriate nature is to be worn on Providence premises and events. They are not to embarrass the church and should set a higher standard than the world.

    7.    Use of media: setting a higher standard....
    • No inappropriate media, music, video and magazines are allowed.
    • In a larger group, the youngest common denominator takes precedent.
    • Parents are responsible to check and discuss with their student what is acceptable.
    • Movies: G through PG13 are allowed as long as they are appropriate for the group as a whole. The older students will be empowered to work with the leaders to select the movies according to these criteria and emphasize the trip theme or teaching moment.
    8.  Providence's Transportation Policy
    • Out of town activities: Providence will manage transportation.
    • In town activities: The parent will be responsible for transportation unless transportation is arranged from Providence.
    • Providence will not be responsible for student leaving campus for non-church sponsored events or during a church sponsored event.
    • The student is not allowed to leave campus during an event and it is the responsibility of the parents to make sure the student understands this.
    • Emergency transportation is addressed by having a secondary transport on each Providence bus trip.
  • Consequences:

    The primary goal is the safety of the individual and group, while recognizing the dual responsibilities of maintaining relationships and holding individuals accountable for their actions.

    Any individual possessing any alcohol, tobacco, illegal drug or drug paraphernalia, or weapons, or participating in any form of sexual misconduct or harassment, will have his/her parents contacted immediately, and arrangements will be made with the individual’s parents to have the student sent home, at the parents' expense.

    For any other single offense, Providence Baptist Church staff and adult chaperones, will determine appropriate response and consequences. Based on the seriousness of the offense, parents may be contacted and made aware of the offense. Repeated failure to abide by the standards of conduct will result in parental contact by the Student Minister, and possible restriction from activities. The goal is appropriate discipline, while maintaining, as much as possible, the individual’s inclusiveness within the youth group and church.

    Signature of this form by the student and their parents indicates agreement with stated rules of conduct. Please remember that failure to observe these rules may result in a student being sent home immediately.