2023-2024 Forms

General Permission

The General Permission Form is the main form that we need filled out for every student. This provides us with all the information that we need and is good for the entire 2023 – 2024 school year. We will need this form completed before a student is allowed to participate in any off campus activity or event.


Overnight Trip

We need an additional form completed for any Overnight Trip that a student is going to participate in. This form gives you a chance to provide up to date medical information and update any other information that may have changed since filling out the General Permission Form at the beginning of the year. Once you click on the form link you will be able to select the trip at the top of the form.


Student Behavioral Contract

The Student Behavioral Contract outlines the behavior expected from all students while at events or on overnight trips. It is the responsibility of all students and their parents to review these expectation every year. By signing the General Permission form you agree to follow and adhere to these expectations.


Scholarship Form

Every event, trip and retreat is designed specifically for the spiritual formation of your daughter or son, and it is our desire that every single student has the opportunity to participate in every event offered. If money is tight, please fill out the following form and return it to us.